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Teleworkers and Micro-Branches
Aerohive Solutions by Network Location

Teleworkers and Micro-Branches Location Diagram

Teleworker or micro-branch locations are typically ones with very small deployments. They might consist of only one to three access points, but with a requirement that corporate policies be enforced remotely.

Traditional autonomous access points lack the necessary centralized management capability to maintain and update corporate policy on remote access points. Controller-based APs are cost prohibitive if deployed in every location and suffer from an availability and performance perspective if the WLAN controller is located at headquarters.

Aerohive's cooperative control architecture provides for cost-effective single or small AP deployments without the manageability issues of autonomous AP deployments or the cost, performance, or availability challenges with controller-based APs.

In addition, in home or franchise locations, the enterprise frequently does not have the ability to change the wiring. Without pulling any wires, Aerohive's mesh networking technology makes it simple to extend a network to multiple access points.