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Building Secure Wireless LANs
Aerohive Solutions by Use Case

Aerohive's unique approach with its wireless LAN architecture eliminates controllers and enables customers to forward traffic at the edge to optimize traffic performance as well as network resiliency and load. Aerohive's solution provides these advantages while maintaining a strong security posture because comprehensive security enforcement is performed right at the edge of the network – where the wireless users first get access to the LAN. Many companies have segmentation and firewall policies that must be applied when the wireless traffic bridges to the local network. This is especially true for companies with regulatory compliance concerns such as the Payment Card Industry, or PCI.

Aerohive's access points are built to be secure. Every feature within the product goes through a thorough internal examination to help eliminate vulnerabilities during design, and then during quality assurance, it is scanned for vulnerabilities. When vulnerabilities are found they are fixed with the highest priority. Aerohive has a policy of public disclosure of security vulnerabilities that includes a security alert system to notify customers as quickly as possible of vulnerabilities and the steps required to eliminate the vulnerability.

In addition to building secure products, Aerohive offers a rich set of security features including:

Aerohive's ability to offer secure wireless access is based on an end-to-end approach that has been built into our design process rather than as an afterthought. Not only has Aerohive implemented a comprehensive set of security features, but Aerohive's architecture has also been designed to take advantage of other security systems in place within an enterprise to ensure consistent security policy for users whether they are wired or wireless. Through an end-to-end approach, Aerohive has delivered a comprehensive and market-leading secure wireless network solution, as well as secure hardware and software products.

Building Secure Wireless LANs Diagram