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Aerohive Cloud Services Platform

Aerohive Cloud Services Platform

For Aerohive HiveManager Classic

Aerohive’s Cloud Services Platform enables scalable, secure, and reliable network applications by taking advantage of the cloud while also preserving an unmatched level of flexibility often associated with on-premises solutions. Customers can still decide what to run, when to upgrade and comply with network operation policies.

Cloud Data Centers

Cloud Data Centers

  • SAS70 Type II certified data centers with statements of SAS70 and SSAE-16 compliance
  • Meet International privacy controls and compliant with European Safe Harbor policies
  • Each data center serviced by at least two top-tier providers
  • Policy separation for logical and physical access

Robust Physical Facilities

  • Physical access restricted to authorized staff via two-factor authentication including biometric and 24/7 surveillance mechanisms
  • Facilities feature redundant uninterruptible power supplies and generators.
  • Automated HVAC systems for optimal conditions, fire detection & suppression systems.

Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services are the services receiving the highest CloudTrust ratings. Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

High Availability


  • 99.99% uptime, excluding maintenance windows (See Cloud Services Level Agreement)
  • High Availability with Active-to-Active redundancy
  • Aerohive Cloud is not in the path of customer data
  • Cloud connectivity does not impact network operations servicing end-users

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans

  • Proactive monitoring of customer performance metrics
  • Hourly snapshots of operational health
  • Data recovery possible from all theoretical failover scenarios, including  malfunction of physical servers or an entire data center
  • Distributed data centers for regional access and recovery

Backup and Storage Strategy

  • Cross-backups performed locally and in remote data centers
  • Hourly configuration backups preserve the most recent changes
  • Nightly global automated backups
  • Backup archival up to 30 days in local and remote servers

Data Protection

Data Privacy

  • No data traffic from customers is forwarded nor does it traverse the Aerohive Cloud Platform, only management and configuration traffic is collected
  • Management traffic does not include anything traditionally considered to be personal or sensitive
  • All management traffic is encrypted

Account Protection

  • Accounts are password protected and accessed via secure SSL.
  • Granular user & permissions policies include VAR and Partner management capabilities
  • Monitoring and Incident Response procedures are in place in each location, with 24x7 personnel for escalations

Network Security

  • Strong firewall policies configured to deny access to services passing unauthorized traffic from public networks
  • Customized filtering of IP addresses and ports
  • Proactive monitoring, ongoing vulnerability scans, penetration tests and automated notifications
  • Forensic analysis capabilities, including collection of logs and records using chain-of-custody procedures


  • Cloud built-in elasticity for scaling server instances based on system load, customers or Partners growth, and by monitoring learnt patterns for system performance.
  • Multi-tenant Architecture with secure account separation
  • Cloud connectivity does not impact network operations servicing end-users
  • Traffic is encrypted and restricted using industry proven CAPWAP protocol over HTTPS
  • Segmented Environments for Development, User Acceptance Testing and Production, including three-stage process for rolling software into production
  • Single-Sign-On credentials to Cloud Platform systems
  • Centralized monitoring and management
  • Secure Granular Controls
    • User Roles and Permissions allow granular access controls to be applied to the creation of users
    • Account Provisioning capabilities can be handled by VARs and Partners
    • Strong Password policies and visibility controls can be provided by or from Partners
  • No forced upgrades – upgrade your network devices and cloud platform on your schedule

Aerohive Cloud Services Platform

Client Management

Client Management

Cloud-Enabled Device Onboarding and Management
Aerohive Networks Client Management delivers a cloud-enabled, comprehensive solution to address the iEverything explosion by combining device configuration, management, and monitoring with policy-based network access and an employee self-service portal into a single product for companies desiring to support BYOD in conjunction with CID (company-issued devices).

ID Manager

ID Manager

Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Guest Management System
Aerohive ID Manager is the first enterprise guest management system to leverage the cloud to simplify and automate the deployment and maintenance of enterprise guest management. Aerohive simplifies guest management by combining industry leading authentication integration with the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform to eliminate the need for any additional hardware or software to deliver a scalable, simple-to-administer enterprise guest management solution that streamlines the on-boarding of visitors.