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Client Performance Monitoring in Enterprise Wireless Networks
Technology Behind the Solution

Because of their basis in the world of radio, WLANs “grew up” with the ability to monitor client performance and report on dynamic environmental changes. Virtually every WLAN available today has the ability to provide visibility into what’s going on with clients in real time. The problem is that this information is presented in a format that records details without assigning any meaning to them. The result is a huge cache of data that while accurate and meaningful to a Wi-Fi expert, is not understandable to a typical network administrator.

Client Health Score can be used to identify and resolve issues before users start to notice a performance issue, which enables the administrator to react more quickly and make the WLAN performance much more deterministic.

Aerohive’s Client Health Score provides easy “at-a-glance” visibility into the status or “health” of clients connected to the Wi-Fi network. It delivers an intuitive green, yellow, or red aggregate representation of a client’s Wi-Fi statistics, substantially demystifying Wi-Fi troubleshooting and reducing the management burden associated with supporting a wireless infrastructure. It effectively monitors client performance and the impact of client capability (e.g. 802.11a, b, n), signal strength, driver issues, WLAN and non-WLAN interference when normalized or calibrated for an organizations' Wi-Fi deployment goals. All of these details are compiled and presented in a simple format that enables the administrator to see where an issue exists, virtually in real time.