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Branch Offices
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Branch Offices Location Diagram

Branch offices often use wireless LANs as convenience networks providing non-critical services such as guest access, but more recently enterprises are using wireless LANs as a quick and inexpensive way to set up remote or branch office networks. These mission-critical branch offices are primarily customer facing so any downtime impacts customer satisfaction and revenue. And without local support, the remote administration of the wireless LAN has become a major concern.

Traditional autonomous access points allow for a low-cost deployment in small sites, but they don't adequately support mobility and they lack the necessary centralized management capabilities to reduce the operational costs associated with a branch network. WLAN controller solutions are at their most expensive in branch office deployments because the cost of the controller can only be spread across a small number of APs in a typical branch. Adding a second WLAN controller for local resiliency makes this problem even worse.

These costs often force IT to choose between implementing a cost prohibitive solution in the branch, or installing a large WLAN controller at headquarters and attempting to provide all of the branch network's intelligence remotely. This means that either a controller or WAN failure will bring the branch Wi-Fi network down entirely or strand it in its "last known state" unable to add new users, detect rogues, or allow clients to securely roam.

Aerohive's cooperative control architecture eliminates the need for WLAN controllers – making it a cost-effective Wi-Fi solution even in very small branch office deployments. This same infrastructure can also be scaled linearly to deliver the performance and availability needed to support mission-critical applications when required, making it the ideal solution whether your branch requires a convenience or mission-critical network.