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Application Visibility and Control
Technology Behind the Solution

Aerohive has pioneered the only self-organizing, cloud-enabled architecture to help IT administrators scale to support the demands the explosion of mobile devices puts on enterprise wireless networks. Through application visibility and control, Aerohive adds the functionality necessary to manage and maintain a next-generation network.

Aerohive's deep understanding of applications and services on the network allows administrators to not only view reports on exactly what is happening on the network, but also granularly control exactly what applications are permitted, prioritized, or de-prioritized for access by specific users based on identity, device type, location, and time with the deep packet classification-based application firewall built into HiveOS.

Next generation access networks require context-based application awareness and control for wireless and wired access and Aerohive delivers. With Aerohive infrastructure, an administrator can easily see how resources are being used from a single, cloud-enabled central management interface, and use the robust quality of service and stateful firewall functionality built into Aerohive products to enable prioritization and control of specific applications based on identity and user context. Once the applications are marked with a priority, Aerohive enhances existing infrastructure by translating application intelligence into standards-based quality of service markings to allow legacy network infrastructure to continue prioritizing the application throughout the rest of the network. Aerohive's application visibility and control preserves your investment in existing infrastructure and prepares you for a mobile workforce with optimized end user experiences for mission-critical applications on the network.