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Aerohive’s End of Life Access Points and HiveManager Licensing:
(This link provides you with the end of sale and support dates along with the replacement Extreme Networks WAPs)

Aerohive HiveManager Classic

  • Hive Manager Classic is “End of Sale” for new customers. Existing customers can purchase classic licenses / subscriptions until 12/31/2020
  • Hive Manager Classic Cloud has an “End of Support” date of 3/31/2023. HiveManager Classic On-Prem has an “End of Support” date of 3/21/2025
  • We should begin discussing migrating your clients to Extreme XIQ (Formerly HiveManager NG)

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    Aerohive® Delivers Cloud-Managed Secure Access Management and Network Access Control Solutions
    Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:03:26 AM

    Aerohive’s Cloud Management architecture leapfrogs the competition by enabling management of the Access Network and complete Secure Access Management including NAC through a single pane of glass

    Milpitas, Calif. — October 9, 2018Aerohive Networks® (NYSE: HIVE), a Cloud Networking leader, today announced the availability of cloud management for its A3 secure access management solution. By integrating A3 into its microservices cloud-management architecture using Kubernetes containerization, Aerohive has introduced an industry-first, unified management platform by enabling full lifecycle management of the access network infrastructure (Access Points, Routers, and Switches) and secure access management (SAM), including network access control (NAC) through a single pane of glass.

    First launched in May 2018 as an on-premises solution, A3 brings a comprehensive-yet-simplified approach to IoT, BYOD, corporate, and guest-device onboarding, provisioning, and access control requirements. The latest release of A3 introduces cloud-based monitoring for all customer sites, while localized tasks like device onboarding and access control enforcement will be executed by on-site enforcement nodes. Both the A3 engine and A3 cloud management are vendor-agnostic and support integration and enforcement with Aerohive and competitive networks alike. In addition, the latest release of A3 includes significant features that further simplify its operation, including automated, GUI-based configuration of a complete A3 platform cluster in 6 clicks, as opposed to traditional solutions that require tedious and lengthy CLI-based configuration procedures for the same task.

    Cloud management of A3 accelerates Aerohive’s mission to radically simplify access networking and security IT operations through cloud innovation while reducing cost and complexity. The effort and speed of integration of A3 into Aerohive’s cloud architecture, from its initial on-premises state in May, to a comprehensive cloud management capability today, is proof positive that Aerohive has perfected continuous delivery of innovation via the cloud.

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