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Aerohive TeacherView

Aerohive TeacherView



The Aerohive TeacherView application is a simple-to-use, web interface that provides classroom status to a teacher at login - without requiring the teacher to pre-configure any parameters.

The graphical display quickly shows the Client Health status of all the classroom computers, and enables a teacher to view the online resources students are accessing. The teacher can also enable or disable access to the Internet and the local Student Network, as well as redirect students to a specific online web resource.

TeacherView leverages Aerohive access points in a classroom to provide teachers a network-based, client independent, OS independent student monitoring and access control system through a simple-touse web interface.

TeacherView provides status to the teacher at login, without requiring any configuration. This enables teachers to login and view what is happening on student's laptops without consuming class time walking up and down aisles of desks.

Features and Benefits:

Features Benefits
Powerful Classroom Monitoring and Management
  • Provides at-a-glance visibility of all student connectivity without constantly walking around the classroom
Simple Non-technical Interface for Classroom Administrators
  • Allows teachers to focus on teaching instead of technology
Student Device Wi-Fi Health Monitoring
  • Enables the teacher to easily see if a client is connected to the wireless network
Enable/Disable Access to the Internet and School Network
  • Enables teachers to maintain control of network access during the lesson
Redirection of Student Browsers to a Teacher-Specified URL
  • Facilitates student web navigation and ensures students are accessing the right content

How TeacherView Works:

The TeacherView system provides a sophisticated set of monitoring and control mechanisms to the classroom instructor. It does this by leveraging the monitoring, policy control, and management capabilities built over the last few years in the Aerohive

TeacherView: Giving Teachers Control of Wireless Computing in the Classroom

TeacherView, how it works

  1. The first thing a teacher does is log into the TeacherView server through a web browser. The teacher is identified and their class is determined.

  2. Leveraging Aerohive's distributed processing model, APs not the TeacherView server, serve up the latest client information. The AP with the most associated clients from the class then serves up a webpage with the full list of clients. The AP directly updates the client status for the teacher.

  3. Since the students in one classroom may be associated with more than one HiveAP, other HiveAPs can provide their client information to the HiveAP actually serving the information to the TeacherView application. This provides the monitoring data for all students in the classroom.

  4. Conversely, when the teacher changes the access control settings or redirects students to a website, the Aerohive APs, acting together again, ensure that all students in the class get the same policy and only the students in the class have this policy applied.

At the end of the class, the grouping of students and all of the policy expires and the students are again given default access to the network.


TeacherView Configuration Screen
TeacherView Configuration Screen
TeacherView Schedule
TeacherView Schedule