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Aerohive StudentManager
Powerful WLAN monitoring and reporting system for school districts

Aerohive StudentManager

Aerohive Client Management
Aerohive StudentManager

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Aerohive Networks StudentManager is the premium monitoring and reporting system for school districts that use Aerohive access points for wireless access. StudentManager is a system leveraging Aerohive’s powerful network-based client vendor-agnostic student monitoring and access controls. StudentManager expands the basic functionality of TeacherView (available for free as part of the Aerohive HiveManager network management system product suite), by including a suite of advanced features such as Student Information System integration, Lesson Planning, school-wide access control policies and CIO-level reporting for classes, schools, and districts.

StudentManager is designed to provide a school district with a single solution to monitor and track wireless client use in schools, as well as put power into the hands of classroom administrators while instructing using a wireless network.

Key Features and Benefits

The StudentManager application presents a simple-to-use web interface that provides classroom status to a teacher at login, without requiring the teacher to pre-configure any parameters or install software in student devices. The graphical display shows the Client Health status of all the classroom computers, mobile devices, and enables a teacher to view that online resources students are accessing. The teacher can also enable or disable access to the Internet and local Student Network, enable a lesson plan consisting of multiple websites as well as redirect students to a specific online web resource.

Client Health & Computer Cart Management
The Client Health status tracks the data rate and wireless transmission success of client computers connected to the network and will display this information in a very easy-to-read status bar format, facilitating teachers to see who is connected. Teachers and Administrators can configure pre-determined Computer Carts or Student Rosters in preparation for their classes.

StudentManager Advantages
StudentManager incorporates all of the basic features of TeacherView, and includes advanced functionality such as Student Information System integration, Lesson Planning, and detailed Reporting.

  • Enable/Disable access to the Internet and School Network
  • Ensure students are connected – and to the right content
  • Manage lesson plans and white list URLs during class time
  • Follow Me function opens access to student browsers for the same pages visited by teachers
  • ntegrate with Student Information Systems (Pearson PowerSchool and Aeries) to automatically update class schedules, student rosters, and teacher information
  • Enable school-wide policies that block internet access at certain times with teachers still controlling access during their classroom session
  • Onboard early grade students automatically into the network without having them type credentials

StudentManager is accessible via a web browser on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Features and Benefits:

Classroom Monitoring and Controls

  • Powerful classroom monitoring and management for wireless clients without requiring any client agent installation
  • Simple non-technical interface for classroom administrators to quickly see the status of wireless clients and what the clients are accessing
  • Displays last visited URLs and permits a teacher to block or allow Internet and School Network access
  • Redirection of student browsers to a teacher-specified URL
  • School-wide policies for controlling access at specified times

Extensive Reporting

  • Centralized reporting for detailed classroom content all the way to district level correlation
  • Historical resources access lists
  • Classroom/Student/Wireless device coordination and correlation

“Follow Me”

  • Teachers can browse website resources and ensure that students devices have access to only those visited websites
  • Requires no endpoint agent and supports all browser types

Lesson Planning

  • Teachers can pre-plan classes integrated with wireless access
  • Permits white listing URLs to limit classroom devices to specific HTTP resources during class time

Sophisticated Authentication

  • Teacher and student access is authenticated with RADIUS and can be integrated with Active Directory or other secure user store
  • Integrates with Student Information Systems to quickly pull class, student schedules, and teacher information
  • Import list of devices for automatic authentication saves Teacher’s time managing credentials with devices assigned 1-1 to students


Virtual Appliance Specifications

Host Platform Minimum Hardware:

  • Processor: Dual Core 2GHz or Better
  • Memory: 2GB dedicated to VM, at least 1GB dedicated to the host
  • Disk: Min. of 10GB dedicated to VM
  • VMware may impose additional requirements

Tested Virtualization Platforms

  • ESXi 4.0 or better
  • Player on CentOS
  • Player on Windows Vista


StudentManager Class View
StudentManager Class View

StudentManager Inetgration
StudentManager Inetgration
StudentManager Lesson Plan View
StudentManager Lesson Plan View


Comparison between TeacherView and StudentManager

Feature TeacherView
(included for free in HiveManager)
Computer Cart Configuration Yes Yes
Student Roster Configuration Yes Yes
Control Internet and Network Access Yes Yes
“Follow Me” Yes Yes
Resources Accessed List Yes* Yes
Support for Multiple Schools No Yes
Student Information System (SIS) Integration No Yes
RADIUS Authentication for Teachers and Students No Yes
Lesson Planning Mode No Yes
Classroom, School and District Level Reporting No Yes
School-wide Access Control Policies No Yes
API for DB Integration No Yes

* Real-time resource list; no reporting


Aerohive StudentManager Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

Aerohive Client Management
Aerohive StudentManager