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Aerohive Branch Routers
Securely and easily extend your organization to any location

Secure & Flexible Access

Secure & Flexible Access

Confidently and securely connect corporate users from any location

Scale & SupportĀ Cloud Managed

A smarter cloud-enabled approach to network management that automates provisioning, simplifies configuration and support, and increases visibility, helping to make any administrator an instant Wi-Fi guru.

Scale & SupportĀ 

Design, deploy, and support thousands of sites from one location


Aerohive Branch Routers

BR100 Router

Aerohive BR100 Router

The BR100 includes 5 Ethernet switch ports, a single 802.11n radio, and a USB port for 3G/4G WAN backup. Because HiveManager handles the device's identity, security and network access, policy is the same regardless of whether the clients are connecting via wireless or wired ports.

BR200 Router

Aerohive BR200 Router

The BR200 series comes in two models: the BR200 and the BR200-WP. The BR200 provides LAN connectivity along with the feature-rich capabilities of HiveOS routing, including RADIUS server/proxy, secure wired access, and cloud-based management. The BR200-WP includes all of that as well as PoE (Power over Ethernet) and 3x3 3 spatial stream 802.11a/b/g/n Aerohive enterprise Wi-Fi.